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Water paint DRESTER 1000



Water paint DRESTER 1000

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1. The largest water-based paint spray gun cleaner in the world in terms of sales volume
2. Equipped with cleaning brush and high-pressure gun
Water resources can be reused
4. Automatic liquid stirring
5. Equipped with the efficient patent pump of jieshuet
6. Equipped with air pressure calibrator
7. Unique circular cleaning groove makes cleaning more convenient
8. Suitable for all water-based paints on the market
9. Pedal operation
10. Fully automatic drainage
11. Explosion-proof standard: ATEX area 3
Capacity 35 L
Air pressure 2-15 bar
Gas Consumption 100 L/min
Washing water consumption 1.5 to 2 L/min
Equipment weight 24 Kg
Equipment is highly 1220 mm
Equipment Diameter 590 mm


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