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Water and solvent paint two in one DRESTER 9000TT



Water and solvent paint two in one DRESTER 9000TT

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• left side:
Fully automatic solvent paint spray gun cleaning machine, and manual cleaning.
Right side:
Manual water-soluble paint spray gun cleaner.
1. Both sides of the cleaning machine can be used at the same time, but also can operate independently
The best combination to save space
3. Explosion-proof standard: ATEX area 2
The exhaust pipe,
Due to the large diameter design of 125mm, our Venturi exhaust pipe can effectively extract solvent vapor.
• clean the tank cover
It is effective in preventing solvent spillage and can be used in conjunction with different types of ventilation equipment, such as the geissert exhaust pipe, the geissert mini exhaust pipe, and the common central exhaust system. It should be noted that the exhaust equipment is not directly installed in the cleaning machine, so that not only reduce the consumption of solvents, but also reduce the solvent volatile matter emissions.
• manual cleaning
By combining the new solvent with compressed air, you can clean the spray gun or other tools by hand.
• the solvent can also be recovered by manual cleaning
Spray guns or other tools can be cleaned with a recycled solvent
• solvent gas recovery
After the solvent is ejected, it is aggregated, condensed, and then returned to the solvent circulation drum
• safe anti-overflow design
The liquid level indicator shows the actual volume of the circulating solvent in the bucket
• tracheal interface
Flexible air pipe interface designed for spray gun
• jezebel nozzle system
A specially designed fully enclosed nozzle system provides optimum cleaning power and is easy to clean and maintain.
• easy to maintain
Cleaning nozzle rack can be easily removed, circular weldless cleaning groove is also very convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
• professional airway protection
In the process of cleaning the nozzle, the special air pipe will provide airflow protection to the nozzle airway, so that it is not polluted by solvent. The cleaning machine is equipped with a quick adaptor suitable for all spray guns.
• better cleaning effect
Perfect internal nozzle system design, specially designed for excellent cleaning effect. Applicable to all spray gun series, including disposable spray gun. Dual gun cleaning nozzle system is also available.
• water valve and air pressure calibrator
To ensure its durability, our products have been designed with gas pressure calibrators and water valves.
• all-in-one patented jieshute pump
Powerful diaphragm pump to the nozzle system provides a solvent delivery guarantee. To save solvent, only when you step on the pedal will pump out clean solvent.
• let your hands go
Foot control makes work more flexible and convenient
• the timer
Reliable timer will control the full automatic cleaning time, the operation process, you will not have any trouble.
• cleaning brush
Cleaning water paint is more difficult than solvent paint, which is why the water paint cleaning system is equipped with water spray cleaning brush. Some solvent gun cleaning machines are also equipped with cleaning brush, for other types of cleaning machine this is optional accessories.
• control knob
Use this knob to select: wash, stir/flocculate paint water or discharge wastewater.
• water gun
The nozzle of the water gun is specially designed for high-pressure washing the paint channel of the water-based paint gun. The water gun can use tap water or circulating water and can easily switch between the two.
• stir/flocculate
By regularly mixing air and water, cleaning the spray gun will finish the flocculation process within minutes. At the same time the circular integral seamless cleaning groove is very easy to clean.
• dual filtration system
Most of the paint particles after flocculation were collected by the primary filter. In order to obtain better filtration effect, we used the main filter to collect the finer paint particles again. To facilitate filtration, the system is placed above the liquid level in the lower barrel. Both filters can be reused (a limited number of times).
After flocculation, the treated water can be recycled, pumped into barrels or discharged directly into sewers (see local regulations).
Technical parameters:
Air pressure 7-12 bar
Gas consumption 150 L/min 450 L/min[use of jezebel exhaust system]
Diameter of exhaust pipe 125 mm
Equipment weight 85 Kg
Equipment is highly 1470 mm
The device width 1180 mm
Length of equipment 570 mm


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