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BoXer triple Combo triad



BoXer triple Combo triad

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Fully automatic three-in-one spray gun cleaning machine is suitable for solvent type spray gun cleaning and water-based paint spray gun cleaning. Triple C series products have three spray gun cleaning groove, can be used at the same time, without interference.
Cleaning tank division:
- automatic cleaning tank, using recycled solvent, automatic washing.
- manual cleaning groove, equipped with a cleaning gun (clean water), cleaning brush (recirculating water) combined use.
- manual cleaning groove, equipped with cleaning brush,
* optional stainless steel shell (DI33C) when ordering Triple C series spray gun cleaning machine
Explosion proof grade: Ex II 2 G EEx c IIA T6

Technical parameters:

Air pressure
7-12 bar,150 l/min
(450 l/min with DRESTER AIRVENT 11660)


500 m3/h

The weight of the

95 Kg

The external size

Height 1510mm width 1185mm

Maximum depth 650 mm

Exhaust pipe diameter

125 mm


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