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MBX standard pneumatic tool



MBX standard pneumatic tool

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MBX hand-held pneumatic device
• easy to use, lightweight body (1.1kg), high torque, safe and guaranteed!
Our pneumatic instruments are specially designed for the brush belt and Vinyl Zapper systems of MBX.
Pneumatic compressed air turbine output speed of 21,000 revolutions per minute. But to make sure that the strip eventually gets the best torque, the actual speed of the strip is lowered to 3,500 RPM through the planetary gear system. Therefore, when we install the scraper belt on the base of the pneumatic tool, all the components will operate as a whole, and there will be no similar situation of center of gravity deviation and unstable operation. You can operate anywhere you can imagine using MBX pneumatic tools. In particular, you can easily deal with corners that are not accessible with traditional tools, as long as you have MBX. It can be used not only to remove impurities from hard surfaces, but also to treat thick, sticky surfaces.
• MBX standard Pneumatic tools (MBX Pneumatic) also has its enhanced (MBX Pneumatic Blaster)
Technical parameters:
Free rate  3,500rpm
Air pressure requirements 90 psi (6 bar - 6 kgf/cm²)
Average gas consumption 4 cfm (0.11 m³/min)
Ventilation pipe size requirement 3/8" (9,5 mm)
The weight of the 1.1 kg


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