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GARMAT efficient spray paint room

GARMAT efficient spray paint room

GARMAT efficient spray paint room
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product description
Curing barn door:
• the entrance of the bakery is a three-piece gate, and the middle one is designed for staff access
• partial folding is used for door opening
• cars can easily enter the paint room
• shutter shutter
• the interior cabin adopts the adhesive sandwich plate made by GARMAT, and the two plates are filled with one of the following two substances:
1. Foamed polystyrene
2. The mineral wool
(one of the fiber and plating keep 90 ° inclination, enables the plate can withstand 90 kg per square meter pressure).
• the outer plate is made of sungemel galvanized plate (275g/m2) plus surface powder coating, which ensures the high quality and quality of the outer plate itself
Resistance to resistance.
• the outer plate is installed in a way that fully takes into account the necessity of dust-free and effectively prevents rust near the ground
• the exterior board design fundamentally eliminates the heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the paint room
• we match corresponding lighting systems for different sizes of paint rooms
• each lamp tube is equipped with a reflector housing
• in order to reduce the customer's cost of use, the lamp tube is equipped with a special condenser
• glass is specially hardened
• the light color is chosen to be cool and close to daylight
Intake/filtration system:
• the intake system will be equipped with a primary filter (EU2) and a primary filter (mainly for smaller particles in the air) VILEDON (EU5)
• patented airflow distribution guidance system ensures optimal airflow without fluctuation
• fully insulated intake system (optional)
Exhaust system:
• 2-block mesh floor
• 5x3m central grid format ground
• 300/400mm uplift ground
• the exhaust pipe is placed in the inner wall on both sides of the paint room
• exhaust from the back wall of the paint room
Air treatment unit:
• this device needs to be customized according to the size of different bakeries and the requirements of customers
• all air treatment units are equipped with fans and motors sufficient to generate the designed air volume
• can be equipped with different combustion systems or combinations of different combustion systems
• the air pressure in the oven can be adjusted manually or semi-automatically
• the motor will be installed outside the airflow area contaminated by spray paint
• the treatment unit has two operation modes of spray painting and baking, which play an energy-saving and environmental protection role, and more than 85% of the air will be reused
• the processing unit can be optionally equipped with a thermal energy recovery battery system
Classic type baking room is suitable for traditional solvent type spraying paint, and also suitable for modern water-based paint. In addition to this model, GARMAT also has other models such as COLORADO,EUROMAT and MASTER. For details, please contact our sales representative for consultation.
Oven size:
The length of the 6/7/8.2/9.4 m
The width of the 4/4.5 m
highly 3/3.3 m

Technical parameters:

  SPR24 SPR28 SPR36
Air intake fan ADN 400 G2 LEX ADN 450 G2 LEX ADN 710 G2 LEX
Exhaust fan ADN/RDN 560 LEX ADN 630 LEX RDN 710 LEX
Induction motor 5,5 kW 7,5 kW 11 kW
Exhaust motor 5,5 kW 7,5 kW 11 kW
The air flow 24,000 ㎡/h 28,000 ㎡/h 36,000 ㎡/h


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