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Three - in - one DRESTER RDX cleaner



Three - in - one DRESTER RDX cleaner

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• long solvent transmission distance (up to 25m)
• fast transmission speed
• anti-overflow design
• can be placed in the 9000 series airframe
• it can be used together with all the products of jisoft
• with tank level indicator
• patented products
Special cleaning three in one
The Dynamic Triple
The spray gun cleaning machine, the recovery machine and the conveying unit constitute a compact solvent treatment system. In the past, handling solvents by hand was dirty and tiring. But now that dangerous job is history. After you press the handle of the conveying unit, all the work will be finished by yourself soon.
Solvent transport is more convenient
Just press the handle and the whole process will be completed automatically.
Fully automatic solvent transport, with simple handle operation, we can always keep the equipment and the ground clean.
The solvent is more economical
After using giselt 120, you will find that the number and cost of purchasing new solvents have decreased significantly.
Shorter hours
In the transport unit between the cleaning machine and the recycling machine, it only takes 2 minutes to complete the transmission of solvent. And the whole process just requires you to gently press the handle!
The spray gun is cleaner
Easy operation will encourage you to use this device often, which will make the solvent in the cleaning machine to maintain a better state, and bring better cleaning effect.
Technical parameters:
Maximum solvent reserve 80 L
Air pressure Clean and dry air 3-10 bar
Pump design capability 10 L/min
hydraulic 2 bar
The weight of the 21 Kg
highly 700 mm
The diameter of 500 mm


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