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Solvent paint DRESTER 9000



Solvent paint DRESTER 9000

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1. Equipped with the efficient patent pump of jieshuet
2. Solvent recycling
3. Unique exhaust design
4. Equipped with manual cleaning device
5. Reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds
6. Integral seamless stainless steel circular cleaning groove
7. Equipped with trial spraying cotton
8. Splash proof head cover
9. Pedal operation
10. Explosion-proof standard: ATEX area 2
Technical parameters:
Air pressure 7-12 bar
Gas consumption 150 L/min
displacement 500 m³/hr
Exhaust pipe diameter 125 mm
Equipment weight 65 Kg
Equipment is highly 1470 mm
The device width 780 mm
Length of equipment 570 mm


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