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The company is located at No. 539, Huaxu Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. With comprehensive equipment solutions, it provides comprehensive solutions for workshop maintenance in Greater China, creating value for customers and winning customers' trust.

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Solvent paint DRESTER 3600

Solvent paint DRESTER 3600
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product description
1. Equipped with the efficient patent pump of jieshuet
2. Solvent recycling
3. Improve work efficiency
4. Prevent the nozzle airway from being polluted by solvent by the use of compressed gas
5. Equipped with manual cleaning device
6. Manually clean the specially equipped exhaust pipe
7. The integral seamless circular cleaning groove is convenient for cleaning
8. Equipped with pneumatic calibration and water separator
9. Pedal operation
10. Explosion-proof standard: ATEX area 2
Air pressure 7-12 bar
Gas consumption 250 L/min
displacement 140 m cubed /hr[15m pipe] 180m cubed /hr[5m pipe]
Exhaust pipe diameter 125 mm
Equipment weight 30 Kg
Equipment is highly 990 mm
The device width 700 mm


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