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The company is located at No. 539, Huaxu Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. With comprehensive equipment solutions, it provides comprehensive solutions for workshop maintenance in Greater China, creating value for customers and winning customers' trust.

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MBX black brush belt [thick/medium/fine/stainless steel]

MBX brush belt (brush-belt) technology

• an MBX wiper belt contains a nylon ribbon and a number of u-shaped wipers. Wire scraping is made of spring steel. In the process of operation and objects in contact with the surface of the wire scraper head and do special strengthening hardening treatment.

MBX electro pneumatic version

MBX hand-held pneumatic device

• easy to use, lightweight body (1.1kg), high torque, safe and guaranteed!

Our pneumatic instruments are specially designed for the brush belt and Vinyl Zapper systems of MBX.

MBX standard pneumatic tool

MBX standard pneumatic tool

System D-ProG3


System C


System A fabric, velvet and felt surface repair System

System A can quickly complete the repair of high-quality fabrics and velvet, which is worthy of your attention.
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