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No.539 Huaxu Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai

The company is located at No. 539, Huaxu Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. With comprehensive equipment solutions, it provides comprehensive solutions for workshop maintenance in Greater China, creating value for customers and winning customers' trust.

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SAMOA sammer waste oil pumping assembly equipment, Spain

All equipment includes 2 m suction hose with rubber handle and a set of connectors, suction rod and bracket.

SAMOA SAMOA sammer grease pump and connection kit, Spain

Pump Master3+3 series grease pump connection set: one meter long air hose, with 1/4 inch BSP (MM) connector, 1/4 inch BSP (F) automatic quick air connection set, pump Master6 series grease pump connection set, the specific model please contact our business personnel to choose

SAMOA SAMOA SAMOA SAMOA 60:1 grease pump, Spain

SAMOA summers PUMPMASTER3 + 3 series 60:1 grease pump is high pressure and large traffic double-acting pump.
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