Repair and maintenance

Installation and commissioning

After getting our products and services, our customers need more complete after-sales service network and help them to complete the installation process, product maintenance, product maintenance and fixed-point service. Therefore, the customer service team with excellent professional technicians, installers and auto plastic surgeons can get satisfactory results no matter what problems you encounter during installation and debugging.

Use training

Xinlun has exerted considerable strength in employee training. Through our professional training, they will have the following basic training qualities:
• Extensive technical experience with our equipment and services provided
• Ability to participate in maintenance and maintenance equipment independently and in person
• Always be enthusiastic and patient with our customers


equipment service

Equipment maintenance is a daily task, and testing and replacement of parts can extend the life of the equipment.
The maintenance procedures for each piece of equipment vary and are maintained as described in your personal product manual for your product to function properly. At the same time, in order to ensure the best operation of your equipment, Xinlun recommends that you check critical parts and systems at regular intervals.

Equipment Repair

When your equipment and service items are in trouble and cannot be operated normally, Xinlun's specialized equipment service department will provide professional and timely repair services to you.
Because we have a high level of professional and technical personnel, Xinlun dares to guarantee the first time accurate maintenance service. So please feel free to deliver the problem equipment to us, and you will get satisfactory results. We are always ready to serve you, and you can also submit your device questions via the "Online Repair" feature.